Most people see the Christmas season and think, "Urgghh! Money oh!" 
The older we get, Christmas just keeps getting less and less something to look forward to. Some people now complain that it has been over commercialized even but we forget that this same holiday season always made us giddy in every way. 
To remind you of how Christmas actually felt as a child. Here are those unforgettable Christmas memories, anyone who grew up in Nigeria around 90’s are going to find relatable.

i. Waking first thing on Christmas morning with our parents' full permission to wear our "Christmas clothes". This includes new shoes, sometimes even surprise Christmas packages from our parents or our cool aunties and uncles. 

ii. Getting "Happy Christmas" from any relatives or/and neighbors we saw that day which is mostly crisp notes and even new  50Kobo or 1Naira coins. *Pure bliss

iii. End of year parties: Estate, School, Relatives, Family friends and so on (These were mini dance competitions by the way and ones we took very seriously).

iv. We were usually the first ones to remind our parents to put up the shimmery Christmas decorations and even the paper ones we learnt how to make in school, invited our friends over just to show them off (with glee and all excitement).

v. We developed special skills of how to hide the meat( mostly beef and chicken) and the chin-chin in our Jackets and trousers/skirts just to chew on idly round the house or mostly in bed when mom is not watching!

vi. Remember the "Knock-out" battles? The ones that our parents and neighbors' parents warned us ever so sternly about? Yes! Those street to street "Banger Wars" were the bomb, literally.

Feeling nostalgic yet? That's good…that's exactly how you should feel and extend the giddiness and excitement to your friends and family. 
Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!