A particular bread known as Eko Coconut Bread is seriously recording huge patronage at the ongoing Lagos International Trade Fair.

The Eko Coconut Bread which is packed in a 750 gram green bread wrapper, with the Lagos State Logo, is attracting a lot of people at the moment.

The managing director of Floffy Dough Bakery said that the acceptance and volume of sales had been very impressive

The Managing Director of Floffy Dough Bakery, Mrs Owolabi revealed that, it is one of the 10 bakeries that went into partnership with the Lagos Sate Government, to produce Eko Coconut Bread.

Concerning quality and sustainability, Mrs. Amodu assured customers that the product’s safety and wholesomeness would not be compromised because of the caliber of partners involved in the production.

Stating further, Mrs Amodu said, both Lagos State Government Ministry of Agriculture and Lagos State Coconut Development Authority Initiative (LASCODA), are involved in this new development, assuring consumers of good quality.

Speaking further, she said ‘’we are here today again because of the impressive record of sales so far and patronage has been impressive. Our bread is also registered with NAFDAC, which will increase the chances of it spreading across the country, removing doubt of quality from the minds of buyers.”

According to Mrs. Amodu, she said, the price for 750gram of the bread goes for N300 at the fair, but will go back to its normal price of N350 after the fair