Just days after the strike by Uber drivers in Lagos, we decided to see how the drivers are faring.

The cause of the strike was the fact that Taxify slashed its prices by 32% and Uber responded by slashing their prices by 40%, and in all of this, the drivers are the ones suffering.

Speaking to an Uber driver who pleaded to remain anonymous, he opened up and shared insight on the cause of the strike and the plight of drivers
According to him, "Uber says that when you complete 50 trips a week, you'll get N40,000 and they know that it's not possible. It's supposed to be like a bonus money.

"And you have like 2,000 – 3,000 drivers doing almost 50 trips so you can imagine how much Uber is making."

"The recent reduction in their price is to make customers come back. You know everybody was going to Taxify, even drivers too. I'm also on Taxify."

"Before the price reduction, it was difficult to get clients. I normally get more Taxify customers but since Uber reduced their money, people are coming back."

"When they had not reduced the price, i will stay in one place for over 30-45 minutes and not get any request from Uber."

"So, they called up a meeting for all the drivers to meet at a hotel in Ikeja. They were now saying that they're giving their riders a discount of 40% but many drivers were kicking against it."

"So the drivers sent a message that they're going on strike but this thing is just a matter of choice as far as i'm concerned. If you don't want to work with Uber, you can go to Taxify or any other one."

"What the drivers are asking for basically is a good reward for their hardwork."

Well in all of this, one thing is certain, customers are the ones enjoying because of the growing competition and also the power to choose which platform to patronize.