No fewer than 279 commercial motorcycle operators, also known as (Okada riders) have been arrested in the last 19 days by Lagos State Government for contravening the state traffic. 

The Chairman of the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Unit, Mr. Olubukola Abe said this, adding that another 130 miscreants were arrested for violating the state environmental laws.

“Out of these 130 miscreants, only 6 were released while 124 were charged to courts immediately,” the Chairman noted. 

He noted that the unit also impounded 59 motorcycles at Oke-Afa Area of the state. 
Abe warned that until motorcycles operators in the state complied with the Lagos State Traffic Law of 2012, the Agency would continue to arrest violators and impound their vehicles or motorcycles.

He confirmed that shanties on road set – back around Canoe Market at Oke-Afa were equally demolished to pave right of ways for pedestrians who at most times struggle on the road with motorcycle operators as a result of the activities of street traders.
Abe added that the activities of motorcycle operators on the high ways and bridges must be brought under full control to save innocent pedestrians and law abiding citizens.
He emphasized that the State Traffic Law of 2012 restrict operatives of motorcycles to limited routes across the state which include highways and bridges, adding that motorcycle operators arrested on all restricted routes across the state would have their motorcycles impounded and be charged to court along with their passengers.
While imploring commuters not to patronize motorcycle operators who ply restricted routes, he enjoined property owners along these restricted routes to desist from given motorcycles abode in order to evade arrest.