American media personality, Kourtney Mary Kardashian has confirmed her engagement to American musician, Travis Landon Barker.

This development was revealed with a romantic post by the socialite on Instagram, CNN reports.

Kardashian who is also known as a reality TV star on Sunday, tagged the caption of her post, “forever”, in an atmosphere of love, which prompted Barker to also comment on the post with “FOREVER”, underneath the post.

One notable gesture displayed by the drummer of the rock band Blink-182 was when they hugged on a beach, amid a circle of roses.

It was not only a happy moment for both stars, but an interesting engagement which also attracted the Kardashians.

To express her happiness, Kim Kardashian posted engagement rings and emojis beneath the post.

American model, Kendall Jenner also expressed her feelings concerning the engagement with a zoomed-in image of Kardashian’s hand and engagement ring as she cupped Barker’s face.

On the relationship of the couple, after being friends for years, both of them started dating at the beginning of 2021.