Kourtney Kardashian has angered restaurant staff in the Hamptons by not leaving a tip. 
The reality TV star, who is renting a $13.9m mansion in the area with her sister Khloe for their spin-off series Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons, annoyed staff at The Driver's Seat in Southampton after failing to leave a tip for her free lunch. 
A waitress told the New York Post: "Local servers are hard-working people who support their families and live on tips."
Kourtney, who is pregnant with her third child with partner Scott Disick, visited the restaurant on Friday and was later spotted having dinner at Southampton Social Club, and angered fellow diners by having them consent to being filmed for her show.
The source said: "Other diners around them were asked to sign releases, which did not go over well."
A representative for the brunette beauty, 35, insists she was never expected to pay a tip at The Driver's Seat and diners didn't complain about signing releases.
They said: "The meal was comped and production left a generous tip," adding, "As for the diner's … no one had a problem signing the release forms."
Kourtney and Khloe are living in a five-bedroom waterfront property which boasts a heated pool and dock and E! producers are expected to pay out around $300 000 to rent the house for the next few months.
Many real estate brokers in the area reportedly refused to work with the show producers because they didn't want to upset locals who are worried about traffic and crowds, while some landlords in more upscale areas refused to rent their properties to the reality TV stars.
The sisters – along with Kourtney's partner Scott and children Mason, four, and Penelope, 23 months – have moved to the resort to set up a Dash store and recently found a base for the retail outlet after a lengthy search.