Nigerian Singer Korede Bello is currently eyeing the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood.

The talented song writer made comments about movies and his chances of getting a role to play in the Nigerian movie industry.

Bello who is well known for his song ‘’God Win’’ commented on why he deserves a role.

He said, ‘’I should make more appearances in movies, because apparerently, I think I have the face and facial expression for it. Not the Fine boy, but my TiK Tok videos they say. They say you have the facial expression,”

At the moment, the Mavin Records star, has released his latest single titled,”Real man”. Speaking about the meaning of the song, Bello explained makes his explanation.

He said, “A real man is a provider, the video is out. There is always a message. Some people might understand it better than some,’

“If it is slow, if it fast, there is always a message behind every song. It could be message of emotions, how i feel right now. It is subjective to think that some songs have more messages than some.”