Renowned rapper,  Kanye West has come out to say that he thinks differently from the way he used to think, now that he is born again and a Christian.

Speaking during an interview with Zane Lowe, the rapper said no one will control his opinion, stressing that people are saying so many things about his decision of being born again, emphasizing that some of them referred to him as crazy.

Speaking further,  west stated that, as a God fearing married Christian, innovator, founder of the 3 billion dollar organisation, he believes God has the power and Jesus is the force.

On his new life and how he has been able to fare so far, he said with God, he has been able to beat those things that had control of him, reminiscing his past life.

Concerning marriage, West said he is married for five years and have learnt many things from his five years marriage which has the bond; asking who people will listen to.

Speaking about social media,  West said people are more addicted to social media and invest more in photos, calling it the modern day cigarette.

The rapper also said, now that he is in service to Christ, his job is to spread the gospel and to let people know what Jesus has done for him. On what he said Jesus has done for him, West revealed that: then it was what Hennessy did for him, and he is no longer a slave but a son of God.