Canadian singer, Justin Bieber said his drug problem was so bad that bodyguards would check his pulse as he slept.

The songwriter also shared his experience on how he changed his attitude from wild child to an improved character.

Bieber, 27, also made comments about his drug problem and the development of his relationships with wife Hailey Baldwin and Christianity, while speaking in an interview with GQ magazine,

In his words, “I have a wife who I adore, who I feel comforted by. I feel safe. I feel like my relationship with God is wonderful. And I have this outpouring of love that I want to be able to share with people, you know?”

Bieber told GQ also that security guards would come into his room at night and check his pulse to make sure he was still alive.

It was also noted by the super star that the occurrence was triggered by a reputation for bad behavior and a serious drug habit in years past.

He said, “It was like I had all this success and it was still like: I’m still sad, and I’m still in pain. And I still have these unresolved issues. And I thought all the success was going to make everything good. And so for me, the drugs were a numbing agent to just continue to get through.”