Democracy day, June 12 has triggered a lot of reactions from Nigerians, especially from Toye Sobande a Strategic Leadership Expert during the celebration of the day in the country.

Sobande, who spoke as a guest on “Silverbird Today”, went memory lane to share his views about the experience Nigerians went through during and after June 12, elections in 1993.

While speaking about the former leaders in Nigeria, he said the first set of people that ruled Nigeria were in their 30s. He also disclosed that Nigerians had never been hopeful, like June 12 1993.

On the questions about who to blame for the issues in the country, he said Nigerian leaders have always device a means to carry out the blame game.

In essence, he admitted that blaming the youths and elders is a complete distraction, different from the main issue of making Nigeria a better place for all to live.

The issue of age was also highlighted by Sobande. He also revealed that, irrespective of age, the people creating the confusion use religion and ethnicity to divide Nigerians,

For the recent ban of Twitter, he said every problem should be an opportunity to do something better.

His advice to young Nigerians was for them to develop themselves and keep their eye on the ball; stressing that older people value respect.