Indian-American journalist, Fareed Rafiz Zakaria on Monday, paid tribute to his mother Fatima Zakaria who died from Covid related issues.

Interestingly, the tribute on his CNN show, ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS’, took the form of a remembrance also.

According to CNN, Zakaria hosts his own show on CNN and writes a weekly column for The Washington Post.

Fatima who passed on  in Bajaj Hospital, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, at the age of 85 years was remembered by her son in the latest segment of his GPS show.

The show also highlighted the faces behind those who were killed by Covid, which his mum happens to be one of them.

To make his aim clearer, he shared a four-minute clip of the episode on Twitter, and captions it as ‘Goodbye Ma, I love you’.

The renowned journalist also made some comments. He said, “We are approaching three million COVID deaths worldwide. People have often pointed out that behind these statistics are actual human beings. This week, my mother Fatima Zakaria became one of those statistics.”