Japan is planning to vaccinate most of its elderly population before the start of the Olympic Games in July.

The country has commenced the opening of mass inoculation centres in Tokyo, Osaka and other cities.

Considering a boost to Japan’s sluggish vaccination drive as officials battle a fourth wave of coronavirus infections, there is a plan to vaccinate thousands of people every day, as the centres, opened on Monday.

Sixty-Six years Tetsuya Urano, who was among the first to be vaccinated in the Japanese capital as made comments after the exercise. Urano said, “It’s better to get it early,”

“It went pretty smoothly, all in all.”

In order to get positive result, there is a plan, to operate 12 hours a day to dispense shots to 10,000 people daily for the next three months at the Tokyo facility, staffed by military doctors and nurses.

Meanwhile, Japan’s western metropolis, Osaka, will build up to about 5,000 shots a day.

Large-scale inoculation sites operated by local governments also opened in the prefectures of Aichi, Miyagi, and Gunma.