Spectre's performance has surpassed Avatar in Imax cinemas to make it the country's high-grossing Imax release ever with $10.09 million.

It also has (according to Sony) earned over $677.8m worldwide as of today, trouncing the worldwide totals of Casino Royale ($599m) and Quantum of Solace ($586m).

Daniel Craig’s future as Bond may be up in the air, but he’s back for at least one more ride, battling a mysterious new villain in Christoph Waltz, who appears to be the head of the shadowy international terrorist organization.

Seeing a revamped version of a classic Bond antagonist is an exciting prospect for fans, and Skyfall director Sam Mendes is also back at the wheel this time around, though he’s said this is his final Bond film. With all of these pieces in play, it is easy to see why Spectre has soared through box office expectations.

In Nigeria and Ghana, Spectre has been well received by Movie goers and lovers of the franchise alike, it has kept a strong standing in the likes of other titles like Omoni Oboli's  First Lady, The Hunger Games Mocking Jay part 2  and others

Spectre shows at every cinema in Nigeria and Ghana and is distributed by Silverbird Film Distribution WA.