It’s Day one at the Mother Daughter Pageant Nigeria (MDPN) camp and the day started at 6 am with a nice workout session for the mothers and the daughters, after which they participated in relay race, stretches and finally massages for both parties.

After the workout and wash up they had breakfast and dressed up for the next exercise. 
This time, it is about mental exercise  to test the closeness of the pairs of mother and daughter and see how well they know each other.

Tagged “How Well Do You Know Each Other” the contestants were in high spirits ready to begin the challenge. 

The MDPN Camp day one also had some other activities that included the thinking on their feet and making something creative out of old news papers, there were some interesting efforts which included the flower vases, huts, churches and even a stage for "artists" to come and perform. 

Before the creativity there was a session where the daughters told their mothers about the one time they were really pissed off at them and this started out very innocently at first as almost all the little girls spoke about how they would not like to be spanked but we learnt also that they took it to heart because they broke down to tears everytime mummy explained that it was because she loved her and she wanted her to be a better person.

Reasons also included not being paid attention to and some fathers not being able to be part of families. (Single moms)
The purpose of the day's effort was to build them up as a team and make them listen to each other (not just the mom able to say what she wanted daughter to do but vice versa)