The continuous firing of rockets into Israel by the Palestinian militants has made the Israeli military intensify its assault on Gaza.

Amid the firing of rockets which is now the fifth day of hostilities, this development has triggered response from the Israel army.

So far, air and ground forces have been involved in attacks on Friday, but had not entered Gaza, BBC reports.

Meanwhile, there is a Video from Gaza City that has revealed the night sky lit up by explosions from Israeli artillery, gunboats and air strikes.

On casualties, since fighting began on Monday, more than 100 people have been killed in Gaza and seven in Israel.

Jewish and Israeli-Arab mobs have not been quiet about the situation, rather they have been fighting within Israel; and this has prompted its president to warn of civil war.

In an unrest that has seen more than 400 people arrested, a “massive reinforcement” of security forces has been ordered by Defence Minister, Benny Gantz, to suppress the uproar.

At the moment gangs of Jewish youths are not taking the situation likely. They are target Arab homes. But Police say Israeli Arabs have been responsible for most of the trouble.