Social media week is one of the biggest IRL event for any social media or any online platforms' content creator. Our correspondent who attended this event last year also had pleasure of going and meeting both new people and old faces this year. What stuck us the most where those back from last year who were here as attendees but now back as speakers.  

We spoke to Chiamaka aka Social Prefect and from speaking to her last year we recall she complained that, though there was a travel panel, she felt she was not included in the type to narrative she was involved with, so she created one! With it, she hopes that with the joint experience from the other panelists  it’ll bring tourism enthusiasts together and help in bridging the gap between tourism and stories as being told in Nigeria, alongside how social has made people be more aware of the beautiful destinations in Nigeria and make people say 'It this really Nigeria? I want to got there!'.

"Tourism is not out there, so while the government is focused on whatever they are focusing on we would really like Nigerians, Africans and other foreigners to learn hands on with real stories and narratives on what the tourist places like Yankari in Bauchi, Gurara waterfalls, Kajuru castle in Kaduna, Obudu mountain resort in Cross river, the Calabar carnival, Olumo rock Abeokuta, Erin Ijesha waterfalls in Osun, just to mention a few, have to offer", Chiamaka said.

Chiamaka Obuekwe aka Social Prefect.

Chiamaka Obuekwe, a travel blogger who is also the co-founder of Social Prefect Tours, confesses that the combination of being both a tour guide and a blogger is not an easy feat but she tries to keep it separate as it helps her get both the tour planning/execution and the blogging done. "The blogging is getting harder", she confesses. I know people want to read more stuff but I believe in putting out good content and I usually don't have as much time as I used to when I was concentrating on just the blogging without the tours.

In this event titled, Social Media & Nigerian Tourism: Bridging the Gap, Telling the Stories the panel will feature top Nigerian travel bloggers, travel photographers and tour operators who are blazing the trail in an untapped industry and answer the questions; what are the potentials of tourism in Nigeria? And how has social media helped to promote tourism?

Jadesola Osiberu, Adetomiwa Aladekomo, Sisi Yemmie & Stephanie Busari after the; How Live Video Can Transform African Storytelling panel.

Social Media Week (SMW) Lagos produced by AFRIKA21 and Dragon Africa returns to Nigeria celebrating their 5th year anniversary hosting the weeklong global event in Africa. Taking place in Lagos from February 27 – March 3rd, 2017, this year’s global theme of “Language and The Machine” and hosted simultaneously in 3 international cities including NYC and Hamburg, SMW Lagos has evolved the global theme into The [new] Language of Technology: The Future of Communication in Africa”. Under this theme, SMW Lagos will explore how technology is creating a “new language” and way of communicating in Africa and what this means for the future of communication across the Continent.
Lagos is the first African city to host the annual event and remains the only African city to host the weeklong global conference.  Over 60,000 people have participated in SMW Lagos with the 2016 event owning a social reach of 810 million. This year SMW Lagos anticipates over 15,000 attendees across the week.
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