The world today is celebrating women globally because March 8, every year has been set aside for International Women’s Day.

In the past, women have been celebrated in different ways and are still celebrated till date, the contemporary times.

Considering this year’s theme, Gender Equality Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow, issues that affect women, like equality in gender are being discussed.

 Some organisations have decided create a platform like programmes, talk show, conferences and others, for women in different communities, firms, companies, and organisations to discuss issues that affect them.

 For women that need empowerment in different forms, some organisations initiate special offers, awards, launching new initiatives and even donate to charities.

After discussing about issues that affect women in different areas, some organisations have gone ahead to take action: to do campaigns, support women in financial need and provide materials women need on a daily basis to live a good life.

At Silverbird Television, a programme has been organised for women with some resourceful women as guest speakers to talk about the theme: Gender Equality Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow.

The World Celebrate Women