The International Women’s Day in Mexico City has been characterised by a clash, involving Police and activists.

The capital’s main square, the Zocalo was where the clash, which started with a march, became intense and triggered officers to force back protesters with tear gas and riot shields.

The essence of the protest often referred to as femicide, and gender-based violence was a call for the government to address the country’s poor record on the murder of women.

Going memory lane, the figures recorded by Government suggest at least 939 women were victims of femicide in 2020.

The intensity of the protest by the protesters, who came out in their thousands made both women and their daughters, involved in the march in the Mexican capital on Monday.

The inscription on their placards is another reason why the the protest was intense. “They haven’t killed me, but I live in fear”, was what one girl was seen carrying.

The protesters also displayed some forceful gestures to express their grief as using hammers and wooden poles were used at one point, by some members of the crowd managed to pull down some of the large metal fencing around the National Plaza.

On the other hand, authorities their best to stop the protesters with erected barrier ahead of the march. It was then covered in the names of femicide victims by women’s groups.

Meanwhile, some riot officers were not idle during the protest. They used their shields to block the protesters from entering the National Plaza area.

Sources disclosed that demonstrators set fire to the shields of some of the police officers, “but the flames were extinguished”.

Tear gas and batons were also implored as a strategy by the police to help disperse the crowd.

On injuries, 15 officers and four members of the public were reportedly injured.