Renowned Nigerian instagram celebrity, Teju Pretty has allegedly been beaten and humiliated for refusing to repay a debt of N150k to hairdresser, Rhiks hair.

On the reason for the act by Rhiks, she revealed on Snapchat that in 2020, N800k was mistakenly given to the influencer, since the slay queen was an influencer for her company at the time.

Speaking further, she revealed that Teju was contacted to refund the money, since it was actually meant for her lawyer, but she kept giving her excuses and managed to pay back N650k.

According to Rhiks, her refund was not made till the moment the issue was made public as Teju allegedly refused to refund the balance of N150k, after she asked for it repeatedly.

Rhiks also disclosed that Teju became rude to her, and rebuked her for ‘disturbing her peace’ because of N150k.

Unfortunately for Teju, the situation became so tense, prompting Rhiks to persuade her to a location where she humiliated and stripped her naked for not refunding her money.