A British woman named on a list of global terror suspects has been detained by Indonesia.

Authorities disclosed to the AFP news agency that there is a plan to also deport her for visa violations.

Although, not charged with terror offences, Manchester-born convert to Islam, Tazneen Miriam Sailar, once married to a now-deceased Indonesian fighter.

But she and her late husband are also on an Indonesian police list of suspected domestic and foreign fighters, which includes a Frenchman who appeared in the ISIL (ISIS) group’s beheading videos and another close to the brothers who massacred staff at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, Aljazeera reports.

According to her lawyer Farid Ghozali, Sailar, 47, and her 10-year-old Indonesia-born son were being held in Jakarta after they were picked up last year on allegations she did not have the required documents to remain in the Southeast Asian nation.

Indonesian immigration directorate spokesman Ahmad Nursaleh told AFP, without elaborating that “She was put (in detention) while awaiting return which will be facilitated by the British Embassy.”