The highest number of coronavirus case in the world, in one day, has been recorded in India.

The severity of the surge of coronavirus in India has lead to a discovery of 314,835 new cases in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, India’s worst daily toll was reported recently. Casualties are not reducing as the number of cases increase. Deaths have risen by 2,104 within the same period,

At the moment, india’s second only to the US’s 31.9 million after the country’s total confirmed cases got to close to 16 million.

The issue of precaution and availability of equipment to salvage the deadly situation is becoming very sensitive as an acute oxygen shortage is raising more fears about the country’s overwhelmed health care system. To matters worse, India is in the grip of a vicious second wave.

At the moment, the competences of the authorities are being questioned. It has led Delhi’s highest court to publicly criticise the central government for its handling of the oxygen crisis in the city.

The judges, while reading out the verdict in a petition by the owner of six private hospitals said, “This is ridiculous. We want to know what the centre is doing with regard to oxygen supply across India.”