Farmers in India are protesting concerning agriculture reforms in the country.

The Farmers in their thousands have fought through barricades and tear gas to enter Delhi on India’s Republic Day.

They are on foot and in tractors – part of a massive rally that was planned to coincide with the annual celebrations, BBC reports.

Clashes have broken out with police along the way but many protesters diverted from the agreed routes.

In reaction to the development, farmers said they will lose income after the government disclosed that the reforms will liberalise the agriculture sector.

While demanding that the laws be repealed, Tens of thousands of them have been striking on the outskirts of Delhi since November.

So far, they have rejected a government offer to put the laws on hold last week.

Police agreed to allow Tuesday’s rally after several rounds of talks on the condition that it would not interrupt the annual Republic Day parade, which takes place in central Delhi.

They gave farmers specific routes for their rally, which would largely be confined to the outskirts.

Meanwhile, a section of protesters at the Ghazipur, Sinnghu and Tikri borders, three of the six entry points to the city, broke through police barricades.

This happened while farmers at several entry points appear to be following the agreed route.

At last, those at Ghazipur started marching towards central Delhi, where India’s parliament is located.