The surge in Covid-19 in India which has extended to Zoos has prompted the closure of the country’s tiger reserves.

This closure which is temporary was an order given by the Indian government.

The specific event that made the National Tiger Conservation Authority close the Zoo on Monday was the death of a Covid-positive lioness.

The order was issued on Monday by an agency under the government’s environmental ministry, CNN reports.

The order read: “This latest instance of a zoo animal getting infected by Covid-19 once again indicates the high likelihood of disease transmission from affected human beings to captive wild animals,”

“A similar transmission may also happen in tiger reserves.”

Another important notice stated in the order was that all tiger reserves must close for tourism activities until further notice, which in essence is to prevent tigers and other wildlife from getting infected.

Several thousand tigers live in reservations in India, which has seen its population increase in recent years thanks to conservation efforts including expanded forest cover and penalties of jail time for killing the animals.