Even though cheating can be understood literally, most people still have divergent understanding of what cheating means.

While cheating is understood to be: behaving in a dishonest way in order to get what one wants, others say it is a physical affair in which two people get engaged in sexual activities outside their primary relationship.

Today, the divergent views of cheating whether emotional or physical, has given rise to the need to know the ‘’who’’ and ‘’how’’ aspect of cheating.

On the show ‘’What Women Want’’, the topic ‘’Identifying a Cheating Partner’’ was discussed as hosts Tolu Ajibola and Shade Ladipo, had two male guests; Oscar and Bosun.

Mr Oscar shared his view on how to identify a cheating partner by explain key factors in a relationship that leads to cheating.

The MC stated that, cheating can be seen in two contexts, which he said are: cheating in a situation where a man and woman are married and a situation where a young man and lady are in a relationship but not married.

Concerning the reasons for cheating, Oscar also revealed that, for every situation that someone cheats, there is something that must have gone wrong.

Speaking further he stressed that, it is dangerous to build cheating cases on data analysis because, cheating in the critical sense manifests when one is actually caught.


Bosun who  also shared his view  he said, cheating for him is when two partners are not connected anymore, especially  when the link is not there.

Look below for the video

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