President Donald Trump said, schools will reopen in September because pressure will be put on state governors in the United States.

Speaking on the new development, president Trump disclosed that some schools have remained closed for “political reasons”.

According to evening standard, the major, as coronavirus cases continue to surge in parts of the country has been whether schools and colleges should reopen later this year.

The president speaking at a White House in a discussion on school plans on Tuesday said,

“They think it’s going to be good for them politically, so they keep the schools closed,” “No way. We’re very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools.”

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that, students need access to meal programmes and mental and behavioural health services.

More emphasis was also placed on the risk of keeping students at home as they argued that the risks of keeping students at home outweigh any risks tied to the coronavirus,

Speaking further in his comments,Trump said, “We want to reopen the schools,” “Everybody wants it. The mums want it, the dads want it, the kids want it. It’s time to do it.”

Another angle to the issue was made public by the president of the nation’s largest education union Lily Eskelsen Garcia; who stated that, Trump is “more interested in scoring points for the November election than in keeping students safe”.

Garcia also said, “Trump has proven to be incapable of grasping that people are dying – that more than 130,000 Americans have already died,”,

“Educators want nothing more than to be back in classrooms and on college campuses with our students, but we must do it in a way that keeps students, educators and communities safe.”