Fast rising rap artiste, Hillim said he infuses Afro-beat sound into both Hip Hop and wrap.

Speaking on the show, “Silverbird Today”, the songwriter also revealed that he started music from the church and his kind of music is Hip-Hop.

On his first song, Hallim disclosed that his current song is his first and official single which was produced by TY Mix.

Concerning his background, singer stated that he grew up meeting his elder brothers doing music and somehow, how he found himself doing music, and delved into writing songs.

When asked but his plan or strategy on how to get through in the music industry, because of the evolving nature of the industry, Hallim said, once one does good music, he will breakthrough; stressing that what works for him is that he is versatile.

In terms of fitting into the music industry, affirmed that he does hip-hop, rap, and infuses Afro hip-hop.