Head gears, well known as ‘’Gele’’ in the Nigerian local parlance has attracted a lot of people to the business of head gears generally.

This has spurred head gear specialist, Tolu Adedara well known as Tolu Onigele to highlight some facts about the business, which is more prevalent and lucrative mostly in the South Western part of the country, Nigeria.

The creative Director of Onigele Craft Company who shared some tips on how to tie amazing ‘’Gele’’ styles with the local material called ‘’Aso-Oke’’ in the Yoruba language said there are some things to consider.

While making comments on a particular style, the basic bridal round ‘’Gele’’, he revealed that the length of the material, (the 2 yards and 2 quarter material) which is usually two types, should be considered.

The hairstyle is another important thing mentioned by the talented head gear specialist, stressing that a flat hairstyle, will be better for the material than braids because braids it will be bulky.

Look below for the video

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6TLf13FpCQ[/embedyt]