Philip Atume

The Director, Copy Rights Society of Nigeria (COSON), Mr. Obi Asika has said that the introduction of “No Music Day” is all about music education and understanding the value of music which goes beyond commercial.

Speaking as a guest on the program Today on STV, Asika said music is heard everywhere in the world and its license is monetized and regulated.

He said that In Nigeria, people use music for a lot of things and hardly pay for it. “They assume it is just there; but the “NO Music Day has created an opportunity to engage and have a conversation with users of music.”

In his submission, the creative Legal manager for COSONS Mr. Justice Ige, , said the message is a permanent one for syndication and work is going on in the communication and legal department, to make sure people appreciate the value of music.

He said when the campaign for “No Music Day” started, the state of copy right compliance was almost zero but within nine years, a good number of stations are paying, including BON.

He stated that those stations are not paying what they ought to be paying because in standard environment, 10% of gross earning is paid.

He also said, after COSON took on the hotel industry and top hotels, a good number of them are now paying.

He revealed that COSON is taking on the telecommunications industry after taking on MTN with guarantee that it is in compliance, which is recorded as progress in Eight years.

He said in this period, COSON from approval, has now moved to the fastest growing collecting society in Africa. 

Obi Asika said it is a win-win for everybody and not only about fighting anybody; giving an example that if one runs a night club, and all the income is music driven, such person needs a license.

He said further that COSON represents 180 countries, operating worldwide, owns its facilities in Nigeria and does not borrow money from anybody or government with its income coming from music collection.

He said when artists are young and happening, they are not chasing these things until they get older without a hit record.