Hostility between some oil producing communities in Bayelsa State and Shell Petroleum Development Company, SPDC may begin again over the company’s failure to fulfil its agreement with the communities.

This was revealed in a communique issued by 12 communities after a meeting attended by all the Community Development Committee, CDC, Chairmen and other stakeholders in which they accused SPDC of defaulting on the implementation of General Memorandum of Understanding, GMoU, entered into with them. 

The host communities threatened to stage a protest against the oil company, alleging that the company failed to sign surveillance contracts and reduce the contracts duration period from 12 months to nine. 

Signed by Ebimobowei Deboh, Chairman, EA Host Communities Chairmen Forum, the communique noted that “SPDC should pay up all the GMOU fund, late and current tranches and also the defaulters’ fees with the peace bonus to all clusters in the EA field operations. 

“Since the inception of the EA field, SPDC has refused to give opportunities to our contractors to participate in the main stream jobs under the spirit of local content, despite the numerous contracts that run the day to day activities in the EA field such as standby vessels, servicing/shuttling vessels, crew boats, take-off/mooring vessels, AGO supply, food/catering services, waste management, well-head maintenance and painting/ sand blasting.” 

He described as unacceptable the refusal of the SPDC EA Department to pay the salaries of the community surveillance workers for September-December 2015. Deboh added that SPDC was yet to come-up with a policy to employ any of their youth either as direct or contract staff to be part of the company’s Bayelsa State Liaison office in Yenagoa since the inception of its EA operation in their area.