The mother of Islamic state captive Peter Kassig, who changed his name to Abdul-Rahman Kassig after converting to Islam, is attempting to reach the leader of the terrorist organization on Twitter.
Paula Kassig tweeted on Wednesday that she wants to know her son's fate, and that she's unsupported by the government.

Paula tweeted her letter to the accounts of several supposed ISIS members in search of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, described by Time as the "the world's most dangerous man." She tagged users such as @PaladinOfJihad, who tweets jokes and poems about jihad, and apparent ISIS fighter @FethiMehmet.
Paula addresses the ISIS leader as caliph, his self-appointed title. A caliph is the religious and political head of an Islamic state.
Paula's plea on Twitter comes after four other captives' killings had been posted online. Her son was threatened in the latest video released on Saturday that shows the beheading of British foreign aid worker Alan Henning. In the video, ISIS claims it will execute Abdul-Rahman if the U.S. does not stop bombing Syria.
Henning's wife had attempted to contact ISIS with the help of the British government, but to no avail. In contrast, Paula clearly states in her letter that she is not being helped by the government.
Abdul-Rahman was captured in October of 2013, according to his family. BBC Middle East Bureau Chief Paul Danahar reported that the family kept silent following the request of ISIS. He took the name Abdul-Rahman, meaning "servant of the most merciful" upon his conversion to Islam in captivity.
His parents issued a public plea for mercy after Abdul-Rahman appeared in an ISIS YouTube video Friday.
Hundreds of students and supporters joined Abdul-Rahman's parents at a prayer vigil at Abdul-Rahman's alma mater Butler University Wednesday night, hosted by the university's Muslim Student Association.
The Kassig parents have stressed Abdul-Rahman's humanitarian work in delivering aid to displaced Syrians. After the vigil they announced a Twitter campaign urging supporters to #BeLikeAbdulRahman and donate to help Syrian children.