The Fiocruz institute in Brazil has warned that Health systems in most of Country’s largest cities are close to collapse due to Covid-19 cases.

At the moment, More than 80% of intensive care unit (ICU) beds are occupied in the capitals of 25 of Brazil’s 27 states, the Rio de Janeiro-based institute reports.

A new daily record has been set on Tuesday as the country recorded 1,972 Covid deaths and more than 266,000 deaths and 11 million cases has been recorded since the pandemic began.

Placing it on the global scale, it has the second highest number of deaths in the world, after the US and the third highest number of confirmed cases.

A report from Fiocruz also reveals that 15 state capitals have ICUs that are at more than 90% capacity including Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and São Paulo.

Meanwhile, two cities – Porto Alegre and Campo Grande – have exceeded ICU capacity.

In its report it warned that figures pointed to the “overload and even collapse of health systems”.

“The fight against Covid-19 was lost in 2020 and there is not the slightest chance of reversing this tragic circumstance in the first half of 2021,” Fiocruz epidemiologist Jesem Orellana said, quoted by AFP news agency.

“The best we can do is hope for the miracle of mass vaccination or a radical change in the management of the pandemic.

“Today, Brazil is a threat to humanity and an open-air laboratory where impunity in management seems to be the rule.”