The shortage of oxygen in a number of cities, has prompted the Indonesian government to order producers to prioritize medical oxygen.

Since the deadly Covid-19 is on the rise, this is one of the proactive measures that has been carried out in the country.

With one hospital reporting that 63 patients died as a result of oxygen shortages, hospitals say they have almost exhausted supplies.

The rate of cases recorded daily has been very alarming as the country has not stopped recording more than 25,000 new cases every day.

After a close look at the situation, there is a conclusion that Increased travel and the highly contagious Delta variant have exacerbated the crisis.

With about 2.3 million, positive cases and more than 60,000 deaths so far, Indonesia has had the worst Covid outbreak in South East Asia.

Meanwhile, the place of experts has not been ruled out in the situation as they have warned that the overall numbers are potentially much higher because of severely inadequate testing outside the capital Jakarta.

On major safety measure that has been put in place is a lockdown that has been announced on the country’s main island Java, as well as in the tourist island of Bali last week.