Expired coronavirus vaccine doses numbering nearly 20,000 has been set ablazed on Wednesday in Malawi.

This development was carried out by health officials to reassure Citizens of Malawi who are sceptical that they would not receive expired shots of coronavirus Vaccine.

Concerning this, a statement was released by the Malawi Health Ministry. The statement reads: “The incineration was done publicly to ensure transparency and bring confidence in our covid-19 vaccination exercise,”

“The public should be assured that the issues of vaccine potency and safety are taken seriously in our country.”

Since the discovery and distribution of the vaccine started, health bodies have been concerned about the production and distribution of the counterfeit.  For this reason, the south eastern African country became the first on the continent to publicly burn old doses, BBC reports.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization had originally told countries not to get rid of expired vaccines but has since changed its guidance.

Renowned health body, WHO’s is also not taking the situation for granted as its Africa office also made comments in a news release Monday.

The news release read:  “While discarding vaccines is deeply regrettable in the context of any immunization program, WHO recommends that these expired doses should be removed from the distribution chain and safely disposed.”