Partial lockdown has been reintroduced in France and Poland due to a recent surge of   Covid infections in the two countries.

In regards to the sudden increase Covid cases, France on Friday raised the need for preparation because it fears a third wave of the deadly virus might occur.

At the moment, the capital Paris is a place where more cases are being recorded as about 21 million people in 16 areas of France, are affected.

The restriction measures are still in place in Poland. This has given rise to the closure of business activities and stores like: non-essential shops, hotels, cultural and sporting facilities for three weeks.

On the rate of infections, sources have disclosed that since November, the country has the highest new daily rates of Covid cases.

Another country, Germany is not left out as Coronavirus cases are also rising exponentially there.

Concerns are been raised about the rise in infections  and Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that  it is likely that the country will now need to apply an “emergency brake” and re-impose lockdown measures.

While the option of vaccine has been raised to savage the situation, the vaccine rollout across the European Union has been hindered over fears of possible side effects.

This has resulted into delay in deliveries, as well as the suspension in several countries of the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.