Restrictions put in place to control the spread of coronavirus will be lowered to alert level 1, from level 3 in South Africa.

This development was announced by South Africa’s President, Cyril Ramaphosa.

On the infection levels so far, President Ramaphosa said the restrictions put in place over the holiday period has been a success because the number of infections reduced from 90,000 new infections a week at the end of December, to 10,000 new infections last week.

Meanwhile, under level 1, most remaining restrictions on economic activity will be lifted.

Whilst exercising extreme caution to prevent further spread of the virus, President Ramaphosa said all energy and effort must now go into growing the economy.

Speaking on dangers of a third wave, emerging, Ramaphosa affirmed that the threat of a third wave is constantly present, same as the threat of new variants.

The aspect of preventive measures was stressed on as he emhasized that social distancing, avoiding crowds and wearing masks, are to be adhered to or taken seriously.