A  vaccination campaign in the city of Manaus Brazil has been suspended for 24 hours in order for the State of the Amazonas to review its distribution plan.

According to a statement from the city’s administration published on Thursday, the reason for this development is for the State government to present a reorganised plan for the distribution of doses”, since the suspension “which meets the recommendation of local control bodies, has been taken.

So far, professionals received the first dose of CoronaVac in Manaus, in the first two days of the vaccination drive which kicked off on Tuesday, 1,140 health

More Brazilian states administered their first doses of the vaccine from China’s Sinovac after its approval on Sunday for emergency use. The country also approved Britain’s AstraZeneca vaccine, on the same day.

Meanwhile, the capital and largest city of the Amazonas state received enough shots to cover just 34 percent of 56,000 health professionals.

Moreover, the municipality needed to review its inoculation plan, according to another statement from the city’s administration.

The statement read: “With the low volume of doses of vaccines against Covid-19 passed by the State government to the Manaus City Hall – only 40,072 of the 282,000 received from the Ministry of Health.”

Attention has also been drawn to a case of two sisters,  daughters of a well-known university director,  who were accused of having been vaccinated solely on the basis of family connections.