As the deadly coronavirus spread, more than 475,000 have died as a result of the pandemic, while 9,263,743 cases have been recorded globally.

This development was officially disclosed in a report from AFP tally at 0625 GM on Wednesday.

In less than two months, the death toll has doubled and in total, 477,117   fatalities have been recorded from 9,263,743 all over the world.

Meanwhile, the pandemic is spreading rapidly through Latin America where 100,378 have died from 2,163,835 cases despite Europe being the worst-hit region with 193,800 death from 2,557,761 cases.

At the moment, there is a surge in the cases of coronavirus casualties and cases, which is a concern by Top US medical expert, Dr Anthony Fauci.

Fauci has also warned that the country, already “hit badly” by the coronavirus, is facing a dangerous increase in new cases.

On the number recorded Arizona, Texas and Nevada are still reporting a record number of daily cases.

More so, the latest concerning measures to curb the pandemic, EU countries are considering banning entry to Americans.

This idea has come to the fore because the New York Times disclosed that the US has failed in controlling the spread of the coronavirus.