As the deadly Coronavirus spreads, a new research has revealed that one in ten Londoners have already had coronavirus.

According to the study, it is higher than the national average, which found that one in every 14 Britons has previously been infected, Evening Standard reports.

So far, More than 20,000 people across the UK have been tested for antibodies for Sars-Cov-2 , which is actually the virus that causes Covid-19.

On the report, the results showed that 7.1 per cent of the British population have been infected with the strain.

According to the research led by Oxford University, rates of previous infection were found to vary significantly across different sectors of society.

In another research carried out, researchers found that under 30s were more likely to have a previous infection than people aged over 70.

Among over 70s participants, just 5.4 per cent had positive antibody tests, compared to 10.8 per cent of those under 30.