British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he is not sure of a second national coronavirus lockdown.

According to Evening Standard, Johnson came up with the opinion that he did not want to use such an extreme measure any more than Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent.

While making comments on The Sunday Telegraph, Johnson said:

“I can’t abandon that tool any more than I would abandon a nuclear deterrent,”

“But it is like a nuclear deterrent, I certainly don’t want to use it. And nor do I think we will be in that position again.”

On the effects of the lockdown in UK,  it was important that the power to order national action was held in reserve but the authorities were getting better at identifying and isolating local outbreaks.

Meanwhile, putting Johnson’s intentions concerning the rising pandemic, side by side with the thoughts of chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and that of the ministers, there might be tensions.

One of the reasons is that, Vallance warned on Friday that there was “a risk” that national measures could be needed as winter approaches.

Mr Johnson on Friday said he hoped there could be a “significant return to normality” in time for Christmas, after announcing another easing lockdown restriction in England.