Us has recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world after 82,404 persons in the nation, have tested positive to pandemic.

Johns Hopkins University, reports that the US has taken over from China (81,782 cases) and Italy (80,589).

While the spread continues President Donald Trump has predicted that the nation would get back to work “pretty quickly”, after 3.3 million layoffs.

On the number of deaths so far, more than 1,100 people with Covid-19 have died in the US.

Trump while reacting to the situation made some comments at a White House briefing on Thursday afternoon.

Trump said: “They have to go back to work, our country has to go back, our country is based on that and I think it’s going to happen pretty quickly.

“We may take sections of our country, we may take large sections of our country that aren’t so seriously affected and we may do it that way.”

Speaking further, he stated that, “A lot of people misinterpret when I say go back, they’re going to be practising as much as you can social distancing, and washing your hands and not shaking hands and all of the things we talked about.”