As the deadly coronavirus spreads, an official lockdown has been announced in France by president Emmanuel Macron at midday Tuesday local time (7 a.m. ET).

According to CNN, President Macron’s announcement of the lockdown is part of the measure he is putting in place to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Part of the lockdown includes All non-essential outings being outlawed and can draw a fine of up to €135 ($148).

President Macron who disclosed this information while making a televised speech Monday, also promised to support French businesses by guaranteeing €300 billion worth of loans, as well as suspending rent and utility bills owed by small companies.

Speaking further, he said, “No French company, whatever its size, will be exposed to the risk of collapse,”

Macron while making his speech also disclosed in a series of his tweet that the French Government will support healthcare staff by paying for hotels, taxis and childcare during the coronavirus crisis,

In his words, “We owe the care of their children to our healthcare teams: a minimum service has been put in place, from today, in kindergartens and schools,”

“We also owe them peace in their travel and rest: this is why, from tomorrow onwards, taxis and hotels can be mobilized for their benefit. The state will pay.”

Healthcare workers were not exempted as Macron said masks will be rationed to them.

He said in his tweet that, “We have decided to reserve the masks as a priority for hospitals and for medical personnel in cities and in the countryside, especially for general practitioners and nurses, who are now at the front line of dealing with the crisis,”

Italy who have been under total lockdown since Friday, and Spain, whose 47 million people have been under partial lockdown since Saturday, are now welcoming France to the lockdown.

Switzerland has also banned all events and closed shops and restaurants from midnight Monday.