Scientists have warned that the deadly coronavirus outbreak will lead to the deaths of about 250,000 people in the UK except drastic measures are implored.

Evening Standard reports that the Imperial College Covid-19 response team, which has been advising ministers, said that even with the “social distancing” plans set out by the Government the health system will be “overwhelmed many times over”.

On the only idea to be implored at the moment, it was revealed in the report that, a “viable strategy” which is a Chinese-style policy of “suppression” involving the social distancing of the entire population is being put into consideration

In its suggestion,  such measures would need to be maintained potentially for 18 months or more until an effective vaccine became available.

In Boris Johnson’s reaction to the situation, the stark warning came after the PM unveiled unprecedented peacetime measures to try to control the spread of Covid-19.

Other measure to stop the spread was made public in the first of his daily No 10 press conferences. He stressed that people should stay away from pubs, clubs and theatres and to avoid all non-essential contacts and travel.

Furthermore, in cases whereby anyone living in a household with somebody who has the symptoms of a persistent coughs or fever was told to isolate themselves for 14 days.