President Donald Trump said there should be an immediate shutdown of all travel from mainland Europe to the US in order to combat the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Reports from Evening Standard reveal that Trump’s new restrictions which does not apply to the UK are set to last for 30 days but , where 460 cases of the virus have now been confirmed.

Trump who addressed the nation from the Oval office to announce the new measures, made the pronouncement hours after world health officials declared Covid-19 a pandemic,.

While reacting to the situation, he showered blames on the EU for not being proactive to address the novel coronavirus, stressing that the US clusters were “seeded” by European travellers.

“We made a lifesaving move with early action on China,” Mr Trump said in his address on Wednesday night. “Now we must take the same action with Europe.”

Speaking further, trump said, the 30-day ban will come into force on Friday.

Meanwhile, Trump is not the only leader that has reacted to the deadly virus, but the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also prepared to escalate the UK’s response to the deadly virus at an emergency Cobra meeting.