The World Health Organisation has warned that the ravaging coronavirus outbreak is more of a threat to humanity than terrorism.

According to Vanguard news, the renowned health body has disclosed this information, as a result of number of people that have died due to the outbreak and spread of the virus; referring to it as the  ‘worst enemy one can ever imagine.’

On the solution to coronavirus, China is hoping the killer virus will be curbed by April, after it has claimed more than 1,000 lives and struck down over 44,500 people.

Reacting to the situation, WHO’s director-general, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus revealed that it could rumble on for more than a year, and warned a vaccine could take at least 18 months to develop.

Speaking further, he said, ‘To be honest, a virus is more powerful in creating political, social and economic upheaval than any terrorist attack. It’s the worst enemy you can imagine.’