President of China Xi Jinping has assured his people that they will win, despite the daily spread of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

President Jinping has reacted because the coronavirus has spread, to so many parts of China and beyond, distorting normal economic activities.

Speaking on state broadcaster CCTV earlier this week president Jinping said, “We must fight this battle with confidence, we will win,”

On the role of the Chinese state media while the cases of the outbreak increases, they have decided to shift the narrative from one of crisis to a story of resilience and resurgence.

All of this new development started last week, just to make sure the Chinese state media promotes positive stories.

An example can be seen from  selection of top stories from Tuesday’s edition of the state-run newspaper China Daily illustrates this approach: “Couple puts duty before reunion dinners”; “More medics rush to join the fight in Wuhan”; “Hunan student honours health workers, including his father, with artworks.”