A housewife named Rabi, has stabbed her husband, Shamsu Salisu, to death on Wednesday in Katsina state.

Reports from Punch, revealed that Rabi disclosed that her act of stabbing her husband occurred as a result of a misunderstanding on who should first charge their mobile telephone.

While 17-year-old Rabi was arrested and paraded at the Katsina State Police Command Headquarters on Tuesday, she said never knew the stab could lead to the death of the 25-year-old Salisu.

Rabi speaking further said, the incident occurred on Wednesday morning when public power supply was restored in their community and both of them, i.e Salisu and Rabi wanted to charge their phones at the same time.

Rabi also revealed that Salisu drew out a knife, which she snatched from him, which led to led to an argument that triggered a scuffle, and then she stabbed him.

In Rabi’s words, “The incident happened early in the morning during prayer time. Public power supply was restored in our area and I wanted to charge my phones, while Salisu also wanted to charge his.

“Unfortunately, we were arguing over who should use the charger first when Salisu drew out a knife and I snatched it from him and stabbed him in the stomach and he later died.

“Our marriage was just 51-day-old and we were yet to have children, but I still love him. I never knew that the stab would lead to his death.