The theme for this year 2020 is ‘I am and I will’. It signifies the resilience of humanity against abnormal growth of cells in the tissue or organ of the body, called cancer.

Millions have died of cancer mostly in the temperate part of the world. However, this Malignancy has become the disease of the tropical people as thousands of Nigerians now visit hospitals to treat various types of cancer. Breast and prostate cancers have permeated the globe, including Nigerians and among celebrities.

While cancer ravages, there are special human beings, either through quality treatment or grace of God have battled cancer and defeated it. These celebrities include;

Kathy Bates (actress )
She survived ovarian cancer and breast cancer .

Lance Armstrong (7 time tour de France winner)
Survived testicular cancer that spread to his lungs, lymph nodes and brain .

Hugh jackman ( actor )
Survived skin cancer

Robert De Niro(actor )
Survived prostate cancer

Wanda Sykes (actress/ comedienne)
Survived Brest cancer

Colin Powell (Rtd 4start general US army & 65th US Secretary of State )
Prostate cancer .

Ben Stiller (actor )
Survived Prostate

Banky w ( singer)
Survived skin cancer

Sensei Uche ( radio host )
Survived stage 3 nasal lymphoma

Carl Ikeme ( goal keeper )
Survived acute leukemia

Abimbola Fashola (wife of the Fmr Governor of Lagos state )
Survived breast cancer .