The Founder of Voice For the Less Privilege Organisation VOLPO, Dr. Ego-Queen Ezuma, on Sunday, advised women across the country to go for regular breast checkups for early detection and treatment of possible cancer development.

Dr. Ezuma made this statement as the world marked the ‘No Bra Day’. She also said, there is a need to intensify awareness on the prevention of possible breast cancer among women in the country.

To make this advice more feasible, Ezuma also advocated for free testing and also good hygiene and nutrition that would help women remain healthy to play their central and multiple roles as wives, mothers, home builders and managers of resources.

The original event is known as “BRA Day” was started by Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Mitchell Brown. The first BRA Day event, titled “Breast Reconstruction – An Evening of Learning and Sharing”, was held in Toronto, Canada at Women’s College Hospital and Toronto General Hospital on October 19, 2011.

Voice For the Less Privilege Organisation, VOLPO, is a nongovernmental organization.

Source: Vanguard