A Child Mental Health Coach, Bukola Lameed says, research shows most men are not romantic because they don’t wear pink.

The founder,, Safety Republic International also said there is a psychology around colours; elucidating that, if one wants to be happy, there are some particular colours such person should wear, and some particular colours one should not wear, if one is avoiding sadness.

Speaking as a guest on the foremost morning show ‘’Today On STV’, the child mental health expert revealed that, It is a myth in Nigeria that boys should put on Blue and girls should wear pink; attesting the myth as the reason why most men are not very romantic.

Going memory lane to her child hood experience, Bukola said, while growing up, she was thrown into the street early, and she was able to adapt and to the environment.

Comparing her experience to the contemporary one, Bukola stated that there is a change as some people decided to be safety conscious, putting an example across; whereby parents will say they do not want their kids to go out randomly.

Bukola stating the effect in contemporary times said, children have not been able to develop what is called grits, meaning they do not have the capability to withstand failure.

Speaking on the balance between success and failure, she revealed that parents usually tell their children that they must pass; emphasizing that, they have not experience failure. She went further to say that, if they eventually do, they do not have the capacity to bounce back

Concerning parenting, Bukola said, the parenting system has not given them the ideology that failure is a feedback, and it is in failure they find success. On her personal experience on failure, she stated that her middle name is failure because she has failed in a lot of things and it has actually made her who she is today.

Bukola in expressing herself more on what she understand to be failure said When one fails, it gives an insight that one is vulnerable, human and bound to fail.

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