The popular saying that “health is wealth” has to some extent remained relevant over the years, and its relevance can be seen amongst those who consciously understand the phrase.

As part of understanding the phrase, some people feel that one part of the body is of more importance, in terms giving medical attention to the body, in order of priority.

While some people believe that their hair should be given much attention, others believe that eating good food is the ultimate.

As for Dr. May Ikeora, a former beauty queen and a professional in Organic Skin care Business, a healthy skin is very important. She said, the sun is the reason for a lot of skin damage.

Speaking as a guest on the Programme “Today on STV” the founder of Laviana Skin Naturals said Hyper-pigmentation is a condition characterized by excess darkening of skin beyond its normal colour.

Hyper pigmentation also mean, Hyper- meaning “excess” and Pigmentation- meaning “darkening of skin” due to melanin.. Commonly called ‘Pigmentation’, Hyper-pigmentation can occur as dark patches (melasma), dark spots, freckles, dark circles, acne marks, sun tanning, etc., giving skin a dull and uneven complexion. Hyper-pigmentation is often accompanied with rough skin, open pores, acne and uneven skin texture.

She stated that, apart from the sun, other things like: pollution, acne scars and hormones cause Hyper-pigmentation, revealing that hormonal changes is all about the oestrogen level of an individual, and reacts differently to different people; stressing that hormone is a tricky subject because no one can tell how to resolve it.

Talking about solutions, she said, sometimes, hormones cannot be controlled but exposure to sun sometimes can be controlled, giving tips such as: use sun screen, stay in the shade and reduce the sun that touches the skin.

Speaking further, she said there should be a skin care routine, advising people to use products that will not put their skin at risk for Hyper-pigmentation and to go for hormonal therapy.

She also said tells her clients that, it is important to know where their problem is coming from,(especially women the stages of their monthly period and pregnancy) because it helps them know how to deal with it.

A practical case of Hyper-pigmentation